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Beginning of tea parties

What separates Farmers Brewing Co. from other craft breweries? Our brewery is 100% family-owned, situated on our farm in Northern California’s Sacramento Valley, among acres of rice and wheat. Many of the grains used in making our craft beer are grown right on our farm, so we can truly say we are a “Farm to Glass” brewery.Home-brewing in the garage eventually expanded into brewing on a home-built, 1-barrel system in an old barn not utilized on the family farm.

With the aim of producing beer commercially, the original plan was to build a small, 7-barrel brewery. The vision expanded when stumbling across a defunct 40 BBL brewery for sale in downtown Phoenix, AZ. After several months of negotiating and solving relocation logistics, a deal was struck.

Our Philosophy

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― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!
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