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880 County Road WW, Princeton, CA 95970

Surrounded by farmland in Princeton California, our taproom gives everyone the chance to fully experience what we mean when we say “farm to glass”. Our unique location allows an opportunity to get away from the stress of city life, and leisurely enjoy a pint or two of our easy drinking brews.

Beers poured from our 12 rotating taps are as fresh as it gets, and if you’re lucky you can even watch our brewers in action while you sip. Our taproom offers all of our fan favorites, such as 530 and Farmers Light, while also giving patrons the chance to taste some of our seasonal and experimental brews you won’t find anywhere else!

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Cold fermented for a clean, crisp Mexican Lager finish.

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Dry hopped hazy IPA with aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and tropical flavors.

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This refreshing West Coast IPA has a low bitterness and a hoppy, citrus aroma.

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Unfiltered Wheat Ale, late hopped with citrus and floral aromas.

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Made with estate grown sushi rice, cold fermented for a clean, crisp Mexican Lager finish. 

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Premium light lager containing only 99 calories per 12oz. serving.

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Taproom Hours
Friday - 4:00 - 8:00pm
Saturday - 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Sunday - 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Reservations are not required for parties under 8 people.
For larger groups, please call 530-982-2016.

To inquire about an event, please contact us at


Welcome to Farmers Brewing Co.! We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is enjoyable and safe for all our guests, including our youngest visitors. Our commitment to safety and a positive experience for everyone means we have a few important rules we ask families to follow during their visit. Please keep in mind that our facility is not climate controlled; it can be very hot during the summer months and very cold during the winter months so please dress accordingly. 

Family-Friendly Policy

1. Safety First: Our brewery is a working production facility with potentially dangerous machinery, chemicals, equipment, and moving vehicles that are off-limits to our guests for safety reasons. We kindly ask that all children are closely supervised and are not permitted to climb on, touch, or interact with any machinery or equipment.

Supervision Required: We believe in family-friendly experiences but also recognize the importance of adult supervision. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while on our premises.

Be Courteous: We are proud of the warm and welcoming atmosphere at our brewery. We ask that all guests, including children, be courteous to others. This includes maintaining a reasonable noise level and respecting the personal space and experience of fellow visitors. 

Stay in Designated Areas ONLY: For the safety and comfort of all our guests, children and adults MUST stay in designated "Taproom Seating Areas" and are not allowed in roped off, undesignated areas, with no exceptions. This includes our loading docks, nearby operating silos and the greater outskirts of our production facility to ensure the safety of yourself and our employees.

Dog Policy
Our outside patio area is welcome to dogs! However, as much as we love for your fur friends to visit us, we ask them to please abide by our Canine Code of Conduct!

1. I will keep my human on a short leash.

2. I will limit my visit to outside areas only. (
We do NOT allow dogs inside the taproom facility with the exception of service dogs). 

3. I will keep all four paws on the ground.

4. I will do my best not to bark. If I get too excited, I'll come back another time. (please be respectful of the noise level).

5. I will leave food and beer tasting to the humans. 

6. I will do my best not to make a mess, and MY human will take care of any accidents and clean up after me.

7. I will plan accordingly for my health and safety, knowing there is limited shade and it can get very warm outside. 

*Absolutely no smoking or vaping allowed inside the taproom or within 20 feet of any entrance to the brewery
*As a courtesy, we have provided an ashtray at the end of our loading dock for those that smoke; please dispose cigarette butts there. Do not litter!

We believe these rules will help ensure that all our guests, regardless of age, can have an enjoyable and safe visit. Our staff is here to assist and ensure that your experience with us is memorable for the right reasons. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. 

Let's raise a glass to good times, great beer, and the safety and happiness of our guests and their experience. Welcome to Farmers Brewing Co.!



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5e27c080321c3d3a37c12ccc_Hops_1600x800_Pattern (1).png


Throughout the month, different food trucks will be coming to the Farmers Brewing Taproom to give you a tasty food option to pair with your favorite Farmers Brewing beers.

Browse our calendar to see when each truck will be arriving so you can be first in line!

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