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Have a question about Farmer's Brewing Co? Browse our FAQs below and find your answers now!

What grains do you grow that are used in making the beer?

CA grown premium sushi rice and soft white winter wheat. These crops are grown in close proximity to the brewery, cutting down transportation cost and energy usage. We have plans to grow barley and rye in the future.

Where is the barley malt grown?

We only use American grown barley, either grown in California near the Oregon border or in Idaho.

Why do you use rice?

Rice produces a crisp and clean-flavored beer. Farmers Brewing also produces its own rice from our farm, making it an easy choice to incorporate into the brewing process. Most large breweries use pet food grade rice, we do not. Farmers Brewing Co. utilizes a premium rice variety that undergoes an extra milling process adding to the clean, crisp flavor of our beers.

Do you grow your own hops?

Only on a trial basis right now. We can’t wait to plant a hop field adjacent to the brewery.

What do you do with wastewater?

We utilize our wastewater to irrigate crops that are grown to make our beer. Full circle! Our unique location on the farm allows us to do what no other brewery can claim.

Do you make an IPA?

We now make a West Coast IPA called “Sun Up ’til Sun Down”. Named after a farmers work ethic, this beer has an ABV of only 6.2% making it drinkable from sun up ’til sun down! We also make a Hazy IPA called "Garage Dweller". This beer has a traditional ABV of 7.5%, making it one of our most popular beers at Farmers Brewing Co.!

Why does a craft brewery make a light beer?

A light lager is one of the most challenging beers to make, ask any brewer! It has helped us refine our brewing skills and produce better quality beer. Farmers Light has taken 50+ test batches to perfect. We also believe that consumers should have a better choice to support local American businesses and farmers when purchasing light beer. Most commercial light beer is produced by foreign owned corporations. Buy American!

How can I follow you on Facebook and Instagram?

Find us on Facebook at farmersbrewingco; we are on Instagram as farmersbrewing.

Where did the wheel logo originate from?

The inspiration for the logo came from an old hand drill that was attached to a post in one of the barns on the farm property. It has been restored and mounted in the brewery.

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